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Your actionable podcast and online community for making things better. Each week we interview an expert in change. From personal growth to organizational change to cultural/political shifts, this is where passionate people move from ideas to actions, starting today and finishing for good. Doable Change: You Got This!
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Doable Change is a podcast and online community where we make change more just a concept, we interview experts who lead us to actions.

From personal growth to organizational change to cultural/political shifts, this is where passionate people make change doable, starting today and finishing for good. Doable change: you got this.

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Mar 16, 2017

Our guest today was voted "Best Comedian" in San Francisco several times for her standup and solo shows. But Alicia Dattner is more than just funny, she also works with groups and individuals on storytelling, self-expression, and creativity in business. We first met on stage years ago as she was improvising some 60-second life stories from members of the audience, and jumped in to serve as the impromptu backup band. Conversations with Alicia are usually fun and rarely predictable. I was pleasantly surprised to end up talking with her about the feminine side of change, here on Doable Change.

Takeaway #1: Feeling stuck? Look for the fear, there are probably a few layers of it that are sticking together and clogging things up for you. One antidote is to simply notice and accept fear, without a need to change it. Often this can dislodge and de-power resistances, helping things just fall away.
Takeaway #2: Embrace the feminine side of change. This is not a substitute for basic goals and planning, but it is critical component of flow. Nourish your emotional responses, give them room, let them move. This exploration may not lead directly to the goal as originally stated but it will lead to something. Likely something even more worthwhile.
Takeaway #3: Getting upset is a great clue. It's a sign that you really care about something. This is not something to placate or to fix, instead it is something to celebrate and to explore further. Try following that care, and seeing where it leads you.

This episode's giveaway is a copy of Alicia Dattner's book "Getting Shit Done: The Art of Feeling Good about Doing Nothing, Faster" ( To be eligible to win, just share one of our posts on Twitter or Facebook. If you're in the US, simply text the word "doable" to 44222 to get started.

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Mar 9, 2017

Today is not like our normally scheduled episodes. Instead of a guest interview, it's a checkpoint of sorts. We've asked every guest how they measure their changemaking successes and how they know when they're off track. Here's our chance take a few minutes to examine this for Doable Change itself. The podcast is all about focusing our awareness on integrating best practices, after all.

This episode's giveaway is a copy of the album "Could Love" by Sam Rogers (aka The One Mouth Band).

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Mar 2, 2017

Today we'll be speaking with a musician and audio engineer turned founder/director non-profit that's changing the way the world thinks about sound. From mixing films like the classic "Koyaanisqatsi" to helping create ISO standards on underwater metrics to speaking at environmental and scientific conferences all over the world and helping shift military and government policy, Michael Stocker is all about making change doable. 

Against the odds, his work with Ocean Conservation Research has lead to real changes in the way the decisions are made about noise in our oceans. Here he reveals how that's happened, and what else has changed in the last 25 years.

We'll also be giving away a FREE copy of his book "Hear Where We Are: Science, Ecology, and a Sense of Place"