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Your actionable podcast and online community for making things better. Each week we interview an expert in change. From personal growth to organizational change to cultural/political shifts, this is where passionate people move from ideas to actions, starting today and finishing for good. Doable Change: You Got This!
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Doable Change is a podcast and online community where we make change more just a concept, we interview experts who lead us to actions.

From personal growth to organizational change to cultural/political shifts, this is where passionate people make change doable, starting today and finishing for good. Doable change: you got this.

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Feb 23, 2017

Today we talk with award-winning inventor and best-selling author, David Corbin. Businesses praise him for helping to contribute hundreds of thousands of dollars to their bottom line as a consultant, and being one of their top motivational speakers. He's helped clients such as Visa, Hallmark, AT&T, Calvin Klein, Home Depot, Domino's Pizza, and agencies like Department of Veterans Affairs and Internal Revenue Service figure out which way is forward when nothing seems certain. Get ready for an engaging conversation about mastering change, here on Doable Change.

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Feb 8, 2017

Our guest today creates and implements innovative strategies for improved Leadership, Culture change, and effective Learning design. Julian Stodd founded Sea Salt Learning to better serve his extensive global client list, while he continues to research, write, and share widely. We're happy to speak with him on Doable Change about adapting to this age of change.

This week's FREE giveaway is our guest's most recent book "The Social Leadership Handbook". Thanks to Julian's generosity, we're giving away not just one copy of "The Social Leadership Handbook" but five copies, making it easier to win than ever! Just write rate & review this podcast on iTunes, then email or tweet to let us know who you are, and we'll follow up with a direct message to send you your copy if you won. If you're in the US, just text the word "doable" to 44222 to get started.